Monster Parts For Sale

The old store didn’t see as many travelers as it used to. Back when Grenn’s parents were alive, all kinds of folk stopped by Bramble Trading Company to load up on supplies for their sword and sorcery adventures. They sold bags, rope, hardtack, lanterns ─ all the things an adventurer would need for delving into dungeons and fighting monsters for loot.

Now, with Grenn in charge, times were tough. To make ends meet, Grenn had to get a second job. Every night after the store closed, Grenn donned his armor, sheathed his sword and journeyed down into the caves. He emerged by morning’s light with bags full of gnoll fur, goblin horns, wraith dust and more.

“Here’s tonight’s haul,” he said as he tossed the bags on the counter. “Will you price these and put them on display? I’m going to bed.”

“Hold on, big brother,” Tabitha said. “I need to ask you a favor. Let’s just say my goblin’s teeth necklaces are wildly popular.”

“You sold too many in advance and now you need more, didn’t you?”

She smiled with her teeth clenched and clasped her hands together. He was right.

“Alright, start a list of what you need and I’ll go back tonight. Now goodnight. Or good morning. Whichever.”

That’s the life of a part-time dungeoneer.  Why couldn’t mom and dad have just opened a bakery? he thought.

🔬📖 Microfiction entry for 11.24.2020
🖼 “The Armor Shop” by SweetMoon on DeviantArt