Drifting Asleep

Dex never wanted to go to outer space. He was a ground tech. Keyword: ground. As in his feet were planted on solid earth.

It was his job to make sure spacecraft could land and take off securely. He wasn’t some flyboy ready to make the jump into the cold, dark void of space. But now that his company was ready to set up their off-world trading outpost on Europa, they needed someone with exactly his experience to make sure future ships could come and go with ease.

Europa was a relatively quick trip in terms of space travel, but six long years sailing with nothing to do is too long for a human. That’s why the rest of the crew had already engaged their cryosleep pods. Dex wasn’t ready to commit to being unconscious for that long yet. He’d barely even become accustomed to his weightlessness in space.

He had tried a few times, even stepped inside and commanded the computer to engage the preparation phase, but he chickened out and canceled it at the last second.

Six years. With no one to talk to and nothing to see but the pale blue dot trailing behind him, shrinking a little more each day. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad for the first few months.

He turned and looked at his sleeping crewmates.

“Anybody for some coffee?” he smirked.

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Buy Me A Coffee

🔬📖 Microfiction entry for 11.27
🖼 Art by DarkCloud13 on DeviantArt (Instagram: @nocturnalcloud).