Jolly Old Fraud

Timothy felt anger swell beneath his stocking cap. The heavy layers his mother made him wear outside swished as he stomped toward his new nemesis. He’d been lied to long enough.

“Look at all of you. You’re a fraud!” he shouted. 

“I can’t believe I ever trusted you. I stood up for you at school, even when my friends said you were a joke. My own mother didn’t believe me when I said you’d be there.”

Timothy squeezed his fists together and fought back tears. 

“I tried to write you, but you never sent anything back. Last night, I sat and waited hours for you, but you abandoned me. Now I’m going to make you pay.”

Meanwhile, a sizable crowd was gathering to gawk at a little boy punching the Santa Claus display at City Hall.

🔬📖 Microfiction entry for 12.25.2020
📷 by Macau Photo Agency on Unsplash