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#AmEditing Blood Oath

Sending a book off to be edited is kind of like prepping a kid for their first day of school. I spit-polished a few chapters, dressed it up in a nice Word doc, and put it on the bus to be somebody else’s problem. Bon voyage, book!

Editing is an exciting, yet daunting stage of the book’s development. NO MAN’S LAND: BLOOD OATH 🩸 clocked in around 115,000 words before I did a round of edits myself. Now it’s closer to 105,000, and will likely grow smaller after a professional whittles away any clunky language I used. Which I did. I’m sure of it.

For now, the book will be in the hands of Erika Steeves, my editor, who I’m sure will make the story more engaging and probably teach me a thing or two.

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