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Email newsletters are a must for authors. It’s one of the few (if only) platforms to create a one-on-one feeling with your subscriber. Whether it’s a digest of your recent activity or a special announcement, email offers you the chance to reach your subscribers with a personalized VIP experience.

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No Man’s Land: Word Count Update

It’s been a little while since I’ve checked in here. Don’t worry, I haven’t been abducted or putting off writing. I’ve actually been very hard at work cranking out chapters, making edits and cleaning up some spots in the novel.

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Playlist: Ambient tunes for writing a western

Sometimes I need a little music to help me get in the mood of the scene I’m writing.

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Introducing: No Man’s Land

Big announcement time: I’d like to introduce NO MAN’S LAND, a new novel series of magic, gunslinging and tall tales.

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Jolly Old Fraud

Timothy felt his anger swell beneath the heavy layers his mother made him wear outside. He’d been lied to long enough.

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Down Memory Lane

I am invisible, secluded in a corner of my homebound train as it groans and clatters its only song across a thousand miles of tracks. Out of the window, telephone lines bob and weave against the blazing sky. Days-old patches of snow tuck away into the red earth while blackjack oaks fade into the endless, sun-drenched horizon.

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Star-Crossed And Ill-Fated

It was the perfect night for Jim to drive his love, Angie, to his favorite spot along the scenic drive. They were just going to watch the sunset at first, but the orange skies lazily turned jet black and they weren’t ready to end their romantic evening just yet.

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Communication Breakdown

Amylia sighed out of boredom. Her netscan visor projected thousands of glowing green data bytes every second like raindrops on her skin. She hid in a corner of the corporate network and watched it all stream by, one useless message after another.

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The Petty Warlock

“Bring me my grimoire,” the old warlock said.

“Right away, master,” replied the demon. “What spell shall we cast?”

“A powerful curse. Something truly wicked.”

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I’m Bringing Western Back

Because I love old stories and their evolution through time, I want to flip back the calendar pages to the days of the Wild West and pre-statehood Oklahoma to look at the origins of the Western genre.

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